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Oak (Quercus robur / Quercus petreae)



The oak is a large deciduous tree with a cracked bark and lobed leaves. It grows up to 40 meters high and has a trunk diameter of up to two meters. Oak trees can live up to 1000 years. The leaves are lobed and have short petioles in the pedunculate oak, and long petioles in the sessile oak.



Oak trees grow on dry, moist and nutrient-poor to nutrient-rich soils. The common oak (Quercus robur) grows more in the lower altitudes with more humid soils, the grape oak (Quercus petreae) prefers drier and warmer locations. Due to its ability to grow on dry soils, the oak is an important tree for climate-stable mixed forests.


Ecological importance:

Old oaks provide a habitat for up to 1000 different species and are therefore the most ecologically valuable tree species in Europe. In addition to well-known species such as jay, wild boar and porcini mushroom, oaks are home to up to 1000 different species of beetles, which are often dependent on oak.


Economic importance:

The oaks provide valuable wood from which high-quality furniture, half-timbered houses, barrels and ships have been built for centuries. The permanent use of this renewable raw material binds CO2 (CO2 sink). The wood is also used as firewood.


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