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Sorb tree (Sorbus domestica)



The sorb tree is a medium-sized deciduous tree and reaches heights of 5 to 15 meters. Its dark, gray-brown bark is cracked and small-scaled with age. The up to 25 cm long leaf blades are pinnate unpaired. The leaflets are elongated with pointed ends. The edges are sharply sawn in the upper area and entire in the lower area. The white to reddish flowers bloom in May and June. Its apple to pear-shaped fruits are very variable both in terms of shape and color.



The sorb tree grows in warm oak mixed forests. It needs warm and dry soils rich in nutrients and lime. Due to its drought tolerance, the sorb tree is very suitable for climate-stable mixed forests.


Ecological importance:

The sorb tree is an important supplier of nectar for many insects. Its fruits are very popular and are used as food for various animals such as the badger or the hedgehog.


Economic importance:

The economic importance of the sorb tree is relatively small, as the trunk diameter and length are often too small for sawn timber production. When trunks reach larger dimensions, the wood is very popular with carpenters or for building musical instruments. Otherwise, their wood is mainly used as firewood.

Sorb tree

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