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Norway maple (Acer platanoides)



The Norway maple is a large deciduous tree with a round crown. Its trunk has a finely cracked bark. It grows up to 30 meters high and up to 200 years old. Its large leaves are 5 to 7 lobes. The individual lobes are roughly toothed and pointed long.



The Norway maple grows in mixed deciduous forests on fresh to moist, mostly nutrient-rich and base-rich soils. Since the Norway maple is significantly more drought-resistant than the sycamore maple, it is well suited for climate-stable mixed forests


Ecological importance:

The leaves of the Norway maple decompose quickly and contribute to the formation of humus in the forest floor.


Economic importance:

The Norway maple provides valuable wood from which furniture, toys and kitchen goods have been made for centuries. The permanent use of this renewable raw material binds CO2 (CO2 sink). The wood is also used as firewood.

Norway maple

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